Admin Avenues Recruiter Spotlight | Trevor Owen

Welcome to Admin Avenues FIRST edition of Recruiter Spotlight!

Admin Avenues will be shining the spotlight on recruiters from all over Australia. We select these wonderful recruiters to feature by the feedback we get from our admin community. These recruiters have have gone the extra mile, assisted with job placements, offered advice, support and tips and expect nothing in return but to be a helpful resource to our admin community. 

I would like to kick-off with Trevor Owen from Lotus People. Last month (July) I wrote on our blog about The advantages of using a specialist admin recruitment agency. I came across a LinkedIn post by Trevor Owen from Lotus People. I was so touched by his post that I asked to interview him for the Admin Avenues blog so candidates can see first-hand why it’s so important to work with admin specialist recruitment agencies.

In case you’re wondering, Trevor’s post was:

“Just send me the job description and I’ll let you know if I’m interested”. 

This is something I hear all the time! I mean honestly, I have been guilty of this myself in the past. 

Often we are time-poor and don’t have a “few minutes”, or quite possibly I could be the 4th or 5th call of this type today.  

I completely get it.  

It’s much easier to see a physical job description instead of listening to a recruiter babble on for 10 minutes. 

But as a recruiter, it can be SO disheartening and disappointing to hear this! 

Job descriptions can only tell you so much about a role and the company.  

95% of the time they aren’t written well and only articulate the minimum. With job posting platforms being a huge cost to businesses only so much can be delivered effectively.  

So why should you listen to me go on about the role? 

✅ Because I know the companies I work with. 

✅ I can tell you about their culture and their values, and WHY you would want to join them. 

✅I can tell you what team you’ll be working on and what team you’ll be joining the benefits and perks of the organisation. 

And most importantly, I care and can help you understand if the role meets what you are ACTUALLY looking for, or if you might be better off waiting for your right opportunity!  


Without further adieu, I introduce Trevor Owen from Lotus People.

Name: Trevor Owen

Job Title: Associate Consultant – Temporary Recruitment

Company: Lotus People

Admin Avenues: Trevor, thank you for taking the time to do our Q&A for our admin audience. I contacted you because your post literally made my eyes misty with how much your care about candidates. Now…”And most importantly, I care and can help you understand if the role meets what you are ACTUALLY looking for, or if you might be better off waiting for your right opportunity!” You got me! Your authenticity and heartfelt messaging that you truly do care about your candidate’s happiness is truly so lovely to see. I’m not surprised, as you work at one of the most lovely, thoughtful, and judging by your companies Instagram and LinkedIn…fun agencies to work for – Lotus People. Can you share with us why you wrote this post?  

Trevor Owen: I wanted to share the difference between your everyday recruiter and those of us that care more about the longevity of a candidate’s success and their growth, it isn’t just about making that next placement. Building relationships and a personal brand are so important, and the best way I can demonstrate my commitment to candidate success is to share my stories and everyday experiences with others!

Admin Avenues: How long have you worked in recruitment?

Trevor Owen:  I started my recruitment journey as an associate consultant at the beginning of May 2022. A very short time, I know! Luckily I’m surrounded by an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge in the industry that I can lean on. Prior to joining I worked in marketing and communications, and previously hotel and hospitality operations, always having a heavy focus on recruitment and talent acquisition. 

AA: How long have you been experiencing this pushback from candidates who just want to see a job description (JD)?

TO: I would say this started out first as an observation I made when I was being poached for various roles in my previous positions. So many times recruiters or hiring managers would reach out in a poorly written or articulated Inmail and provide nothing remotely interesting to entice me to the role. I think the pushback I have experienced is in relation to how Candidates feel starting out a relationship with you as a recruiter. I find that showing you have listened to their motivators makes Candidates feel confident that you are helping them to make the right choice. Really listening does take more of your time, however, it is so rewarding!

AA: Do you believe that because it’s a candidate short market, admins are being constantly contacted by recruitment firms at the moment? Do you think that’s why they might be a bit short in their replies and jump to the ‘just send the JD over’ type reply?

TO: I would say that we see a lot of shortness in replies, more specifically from candidates, they can be a little spoilt for choice as they say. We all know that recruiters are time-poor, and they can quickly become poor in their approach to communication. I still believe the most effective way to engage with a candidate who is also time-poor is to pick the phone up!

AA: How do you think the narrative can be changed so that prospective job seekers don’t feel overwhelmed by constant emails about prospective jobs?

TO: I think this is up to us as recruiters, it is time that customer service, care, and compassion become the pillars of how we communicate as recruiters, representing and maintaining a positive online brand through platforms such as LinkedIn, providing credible, informative information to your network. Every day we have conversations with candidates and clients we can offer so much to change the narrative from being a “just send off the JD type scenario”. 

Identifying a candidate’s key motivators, are they seeking a great culture fit? Are they looking for the right work-life balance or perhaps their motivators are progressively driven, all of this I would say will change how candidates feel about recruiters!

AA: Why do you care so much about your candidate’s journey in finding a role that is right for them

TO: I believe that a candidate is way more than just my next placement, the potential that the candidate can bring to any one of our clients is endless, and seeing them succeed in the short and long term is so rewarding to see, as someone whom always relied on my mentors for guidance If I can give the same back in return through my chosen career then I am happy!

AA: If we recommended a candidate to you, would you ever reply with “thanks, we will keep your resume on file and reach out if something suitable comes up” before even offering to have a call to find out what the candidate thinks is suitable for them? 

TO: You never overlook a recommended candidate! Never! It is so easy to pick the phone up for a chat, you just never know what the candidate might have to offer, the amount of times I have hung the phone up from a candidate and a colleague has placed them that afternoon. Resumes can only articulate so much!

AA: I ask this because I have recently introduced admin candidates to agencies where they wrote back and pretty much said these exact words. No offer of a call, support, nothing. They may have wanted to change roles. Maybe they wanted to talk about changing roles. But no, they were just dismissed with a feeling of “I’ll just chuck your resume in the pile” type attitude leaving the candidate to feel hurt and embarrassed. Obviously, I will never recommend these agencies again but I was so shocked to see admin candidates treated this way. Especially in this market.

TO: It’s true we can’t help everyone, but we are a source of constant knowledge from our everyday conversations. If I can even provide a small piece of insight into the market and I have a few minutes this can help people so much! 

AA: Tell us more about Lotus People’s approach to admin candidates.

TO: Our approach is to be genuine, authentic, and to always deliver an exceptional candidate experience. We are passionate about building long-term relationships, and doing right by candidates and clients always. The lotus flower signifies “a rebirth of ideas” in Buddhism and that’s exactly the philosophy we wanted to apply to the recruitment industry. 

AA: What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect of your job?

TO: Seeing people succeed, working in industry sectors such as healthcare, non for profit, and education, means I am speaking to amazing people on a daily basis. Seeing them succeed, and knowing I might contribute to them making their next career decision that makes a huge difference in people’s lives!

AA: What’s your recruiter superpower?

TO: Empathy, I have always been extremely empathetic, a great communicator, someone who cares, and someone who has an eye for character. 

AA: What is the one thing you can not do without in your job?

TO: My mentors, I am surrounded by some incredible recruiters with years of experience and knowledge at my fingertips.

AA: What are 3 items you can’t work without?

TO: 100% my phone, LinkedIn, and my laptop!

AA: What do you consider to be the most difficult part of your job?

TO: Time management, it is so easy to lose track of time, having a really thoroughly planned day ensures all tasks, candidates, and jobs get the attention they deserve. Diarise your personal time, and breaks, and remember that your mind is important as well!

AA: Can you recommend any helpful books, programs, or podcasts that you love?

TO: When work isn’t work! Sinead Connolly Director and Founder Lotus people! Links below! 🙂 

A weekly podcast to help people reignite the love of what they do in a post-pandemic world. The pandemic gave us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reflect on what is truly important to us and we have seen a huge shift in how people approach work – choosing careers that align with their values and overall purpose.

When Work Isn’t Work Podcast

AA: Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

TO: For me, a constant trend has been resume gaps, candidates being hesitant in identifying gaps, or simply not being able to articulate the reasons!

Last month whilst sourcing on a bulk role several of my candidates had resume gaps that in the eye of a hiring manager would be a huge flag.

With a small amount of coaching and time spent with my candidates, all three were successful in their interviews after clearly identifying and articulating the gaps. 

AA: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

TO: Don’t ever stop learning and growing as a person!

AA: What advice would you give potential admin job seekers thinking about changing jobs?

TO: The first thing that is important to do I believe is to think about what the candidate’s motivators in a new position are, is this going to be culture, progressional opportunity, or simply a change in industry and environment. Once they have worked out this It is important to get proactive in the market, connect with recruiters, update your CV and ensure this is reflective of your work history and reflects your LinkedIn or any online profile. 

AA: What are your top tips for keeping your resume up to date and job-ready?

TO: The majority of the time, employers will check to make sure a CV is a true reflection of work history! Job titles and dates are the two main areas that need to align to ensure that a CV looks credible to any hiring manager.

Always be truthful in the length of time at a company. Any employment gaps? Or a shorter contract period? Highlight the reason why! Don’t change your job title to reflect your work. It is not uncommon for people to have varying roles and responsibilities other than what the job title will reflect. Lastly, ensure that your LinkedIn profile is reflecting of your CV. 

How can our readers follow you?

AA: Thank you so much for your time Trevor. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future!