Education and training for admins in 2023

No two days are the same in the life of an admin. This is why education and training can prepare you for anything you might be asked to do in your admin career. Admins need to be critical thinkers and show emotional intelligence. They need to have specific knowledge and skills for their role and industry. These skills are constantly changing so admins must continue to upskill to keep up to date with new and better ways to be the best in their career. 

When we talked with our Australian admin community at the many events we attended this year, education and training remained a hot topic. There was a lot of talk on who to trust, who was verified / accredited and what that meant. Accreditation is a term that’s often used too liberally in this industry. Our advice is always to do your homework on the company and ensure the accreditation is from a recognised professional, vocational or academic body. It should be pointed out that companies having accreditation does not mean that the course results in a qualification or certification. On the flip side of this, not all education and training needs to be for accreditations. It can be for mindfulness, learning how to deal with workplace stress, a toolkit on how to manage a personal aspect of your life to help achieve a better work life balance. We suggest that all admins research their options, so they find what’s right for them as we’re all unique and have different learning styles and requirements. 

There are some exceptional people and organisations doing incredible and impactful work here in Australia so we thought we would take the time to point the spotlight on them for when you’re next thinking about upskilling in 2023.

 Some of the benefits of upskilling and training are:

  • Competitive edge: Admins who can list training on their resume, talk about their professional career development during interviews, and also have the ability to show proof in their annual reviews will stand out.
  • Tangible recognition of expertise: Especially when you’re issued with a recognised certification that you can add to your LinkedIn and resume.
  • Self confidence: Training gives you a great understanding of your responsibilities and the knowledge and skills you need to do your job. Training enhances your confidence which can also improve your overall performance. This opens doors to learning, growth and achieving career goals.
  • Enhanced effectiveness: As opportunities arise to implement and apply your newly learned skills, you will be able to show business processes running more smoothly. You’ll be able to reach your career goals and be successful in achieving organisational objectives. There are always positive outcomes from continually learning in your career. 
  • Salary increases: Often admins are not given KPIs to work towards like nany other staff members do where they can justify a salary increase. When you’re able to demonstrate how your new skills from the training you committed to was used in the business, you’re able to then show the value of this training and why your upskilled role deserves a salary increase. Keep note of all the new procedures, cost savings etc you’ve implemented along the way from this training. 
  • Balance in your life: As we said earlier, not all education and training needs to be for accreditations. It can be for mindfulness, learning how to deal with workplace stress, a toolkit on how to manage a personal aspect of your life to help achieve a better work life balance. This is just as important to upskill as your life becomes more complicated with extra responsibilities etc, 


Free or low-cost admin courses are useful to explore what skills you might want and need to develop before you commit to a long-term course or certification program.

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EA Development by Rachael Bonetti


This live masterclass is the first in the 2023 series of complimentary pop-up events with Rachael Bonetti.

It gets to the heart of an issue many in the administration community are challenged with right now:

Being professionals whose roles require that they put the needs and priorities of others above their own.

Working this way can have an unintended and damaging side effect, a loss of sense of self.

In this complimentary community class Rachael shares the tips, tools and strategies that helped her thrive in her own career as a senior executive assistant, and how to regain a sense of self when it has been eroded.

This is must-have, critical knowledge for assistants to support career longevity, satisfaction and fulfilment and to avoid burnout.

There will be space for Q+A so bring your challenges for on the spot hot-seat coaching support.

When: 31 January 2023, 12pm AEDT

Format: Via Zoom. REGISTER HERE to receive your link and calendar invitation. Replay available.

Investment: complimentary

Please note: there is a cap on attendees so respectfully, this is only open to administration professionals. Not an admin professional but keen to join? Please email Rachael directly to go on her waitlist / chat.



The EA Institute

The Growth Hub – 1 week free trial

Become a Growth Hub member where you’re never alone. Whether it’s your first year as an EA or you’ve been doing this for over 20 years, The EA Instutute is here to grow with you and do it together. The Growth Hub gives access to education resources, networking opportunities, mentors, attend events and much more. Read more about this program and access a free week trial here.


The EA Institute

CEA Mastermind

The ultimate peer support group for Senior and Chief Executive Assistants.

CEA Mastermind is where you can:

  • Connect with CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders hearing their stories of failure, resilience, courage, and share insights of what they have learnt through their journeys.
  • Experience time with mentors discussing their personal approach to their roles that you usually wouldn’t have access to.
  • Get personal advice into how a CEA can step up, ask any questions you want and learn from your mentors.
  • Discover how EAs can grow and evolve with the changing business landscape based on the learnings of some of the best leaders in the industry.



Online Paid Training

The EA Institute

The Productive EA 

Investment: $1499 + GST (Payment Plans available)

Approx time to complete: 2 days live online


The EA Institute

The Mindful EA   

Investment: $520 incl GST 

Approx time to complete: 8 weeks online


Rachael Bonetti

The Elite EA Academy, 

Investment: Two tiers, $899-$1200 (Get your 10% discount using the code EARLYBIRD is available to you until February 3rd| Payment Plans available)

Approx time to complete: 2 months


Capital EA Academy

EA Entry

Friday 10th February and Friday 25th August 2023

Key Learning Objectives

  • Setting the Foundation, Structure and Expectations
  • The Toolbox for a long standing career as an Executive Assistant
  • Communicating to Executive
  • How to build a Quality Long-Lasting Network to gain real results

Investment: $3,300.00

Time to complete: 1 day in-person event.


Capital EA Academy

EA Evolve

Friday 10th March and Friday 29th September 2023

Key Learning Objectives

  • Effectively Translating the Critical Transitions from mid-level to Senior EA
  • How to set Healthy Boundaries, Stay Gracious and Free Yourself from Guilt!
  • Strengthening your capacity to achieve your goals
  • Creating a Powerful Vision and Goals for your long lasting EA career

Investment: $3,300.00

Time to complete: 1 day in-person event.


Capital EA Academy

EA Expand

Friday 14th April and Friday 13th October 2023

 Key Learning Objectives

  • Recognising and unleashing your own leadership and influencing potential
  • Translating Leadership Roles in Group Environments
  • Navigating the Strategic Leadership Ladder
  • Achieving Results for you and your Executive

Investment: $3,300.00

Time to complete: 1 day in-person event.


Liz Van Vliet

My EA Career

Virtual Seminar Series
Investment: $599.00 (get early bird by 3 Feb 2023 f0r $100 discount)
Approx time to complete: Running over four weeks, you will be meeting virtually Liz for 90 minutes each Wednesday via Zoom
Dates: 8 / 15 / 22 February and 1 March 2023




Online Comprehensive Training

Rachael Bonetti

The Elite EA Academy

Investment: Two tiers, $899-$1200 (Payment Plans available)

Approx time to complete: 2 months




Online Certification Training

The EA Institute

The Certified High Performing EA – March 2023
Investment: $5,997 + GST (Payment Plans available)
Approx time to complete: 12 months live online
When: 29 March, 1:00pm – 5:00pm AEDT
Format: Via Zoom Book a call with our course specialist here




Online Training

Sasha Eburne

3 x Your Income as a VA in 2023!

If you’re a VA and you’re ready to have your best year yet then the VA Accelerator Challenge is for you.

In 3 short days I will guide you through how I grew my own VA business from $0 to $10k+ months consistently while being a single Mum and being present with my child.

We’ll dive into:

  • How to get clear on what you want and what you have to do
  • How to get more clients
  • How to find the right clients (to make your life easier, more fun and with more cash)

Take on this challenge, unleash your drive, and make tangible progress towards building your dream business in 2023.

Don’t let anything stand in your way, now is the time to make lasting changes and set yourself up!

Over $1,500.00 worth of value. Sign up TODAY here




Online Training

Think Bespoke

LinkedIn Profile Essentials 

Location: Online via Zoom

Investment: $250

Approx time to complete: 3 hours

Learn more here: LinkedIn Profile Essentials


Think Bespoke

LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring with Karen Hollenbach

Location: Online via Zoom

Investment: $2,500 (public small group program) or $4950 (private program)

Approx time to complete: 5 months

Learn more here: LinkedIn Marketing Mentoring


In-Person Training

Think Bespoke

Training description: Specialist LinkedIn training

Location: Melbourne

Investment: from $2,500

Approx time to complete: 3 hour sessions

Learn more here: LinkedIn Training

Think Bespoke also provides LinkedIn profile writing. Find out more here.


Admins should continue to upskill and take courses in areas that they feel they want to develop in. Whilst this blog has been about highlighting the incredible coaches and trainers in Australia that we personally recommend, you can also find our full list of other national and international training programs and providers in our free membership area here. Do you have some other people / companies you think we should know about or connect with, drop us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.