Navigating Equity and Inclusion in the Admin Profession

In every workplace, fostering an environment of equity, equality, inclusion, and diversity (EEID) is not just beneficial; it’s essential. For administrative professionals, who often serve as the backbone of organisational operations, these values are particularly significant. This blog delves into the unique challenges and opportunities that admin professionals face regarding EEID, urging a collective effort towards meaningful change.

Understanding Equity vs. Equality

The concepts of equity and equality are foundational to addressing issues in any profession, including administration. While equality means providing the same resources to all, equity involves recognising the differing needs and circumstances of individuals and allocating the necessary resources to level the playing field. In the administrative field, this could mean advocating for personalised professional development opportunities or modifying job requirements that may inadvertently favour certain groups over others.

Discriminatory Practices in Hiring

Requiring a degree for administrative roles can be a form of discrimination, particularly when such a qualification isn’t essential for job performance. This practice can exclude capable candidates based on their educational background rather than their potential and skills. Similarly, the lack of feedback in recruitment processes can leave candidates in the dark, fostering a feeling of exclusion and missed opportunities for growth.

The Role of Community and Dialogue

Joining community groups like Admin Avenues and The Admin Collective, who are dedicated to administrative professionals can be a powerful way for individuals to share experiences and discuss EEID topics openly. These admin community groups provide a safe space for voicing concerns, learning from others’ experiences, and brainstorming solutions to common challenges.

The Need for Clear Professional Guidelines

A fantastic example of a structured framework is the Global Skills Matrix by the World Administrators Alliance. This structure helps clarify the expected competencies at various levels within the administrative profession. Such guidelines not only aid in fair and transparent hiring practices but also help professionals understand their career progression paths.

The Importance of Data-Driven Change

To foster genuine transformation within the administrative profession, the community’s input is crucial. Regularly participating in surveys can provide real data that reflect the community’s current status and needs. It’s vital that these surveys include a diverse range of participants—across different ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds, and not just from metropolitan areas—to ensure a comprehensive understanding that can drive effective changes.

Your Voice Matters

Have you ever felt discriminated against during the hiring process for an administrative job? Consider the language and tone of job advertisements: does it affect whether or not you choose to apply? We need to know what language makes you feel welcome and what your biggest challenges are in finding a new job. For example, is it a job board that accurately reflects live jobs with transparent salary information?

As we continue to build our website and resources on Admin Avenues, it is clear that change is not just necessary, but overdue in the administrative profession. By advocating for fair hiring practices, creating supportive community networks, establishing clear career guidelines, and harnessing the power of data, we can begin to address the barriers that prevent our profession from being as inclusive and equitable as it should be. Your experiences, feedback, and participation are essential to this journey. Together, we can build a profession that truly reflects the values of equity, equality, inclusion, and diversity.

We encourage all administrative professionals to engage in ongoing dialogue, participate in surveys, and contribute to community groups. Every voice is crucial in shaping the future of our profession. Let’s work together to make the administrative field more inclusive and equitable for everyone.

With this, I have a call to action, I would ask that you please take our survey to better shape our job board and wording of the requirements of what recruiters / talent or hiring managers will need to be part of this new way of hiring for this profession in the future. Without your help and feedback, we can’t make change so please, complete the survey and share it with your admin colleagues and community.

Thank you and please feel free to reach out anytime as always if you have any questions. We’re on [email protected]. Looking forward to creating this change together. Admin Avenues always has been, and always will be for Admins, by Admins!