Tips For Admins Who Want To Transition To A New Industry

As a career admin, being recognised as a specialist in a particular field such as media, tech or legal is an excellent achievement. This level of knowledge can significantly advance your career by building an extensive understanding of the industry, the stakeholders, and leading organisations. However, at some point, you may feel ready for a change and look for opportunities outside your niche.

Many admins spend years perfecting their craft and growing their knowledge of their industry. Once they achieve their goals, they may be ready for their next challenge. Transitioning to a completely different industry can bring exciting new opportunities for established admins to learn, develop, and grow. However, it can be daunting to consider making a change from a comfortable workplace to an unknown new industry, working for a new company and a new boss.

The most successful transitions take a strategic approach. You can use your excellent planning abilities as an admin to create a plan of action and implement it to the best of your ability. You could start by researching new industries that interest you, exploring why those sectors appeal to you, and understanding if you need any particular qualifications. Connecting with relevant recruiters, following top companies, and attending events or workshops related to your target industry will help you learn.

Your skills as an admin are transferable, and a vast proportion of them are relevant to any industry. Administrative tasks such as diary management, meeting preparation, and reporting are similar no matter the industry. You are likely to be highly organised, efficient, practical, strategic, and capable of stakeholder liaison, which any employer would value. While some employers may insist on industry experience, demonstrating your knowledge and enthusiasm for your target industry can get you on the shortlist of potential candidates.

If your current employer has any connection to your desired industry, you should make the most of it in your CV and cover letter. Otherwise, you can highlight your personal interest in relevant industries to show your dedication to transitioning. However, patience is key, and investing your time in researching and understanding the industry you’re keen on will help you demonstrate your seriousness and dedication to transitioning.

Connecting with admins in your target industry can also provide valuable insights into the industry’s reality, help you develop the skills you need to make your CV more attractive to potential employers, and even recommend you for new opportunities. If you’re looking to network with other admins in your city, see the list of admin communities around Australia via our free membership portal, where you will be welcomed with open arms!

If you’re successful in being considered as a candidate, highlighting your transferable skills can make a significant difference. It’s up to you to sell your abilities with confidence and show your determination to make the most of the opportunity. Remember, even if you’re up against candidates with industry experience, your previous admin skills are valuable, and employers may appreciate the fresh perspective you can bring.

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