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Jobseeker FAQs

Welcome to Admin Avenues

We’ve created this simple FAQ page to assist with some frequently asked questions.

Just a friendly reminder that Admin Avenues is not a recruitment company. We aren’t involved in the interview process so cannon assist with feedback on any applications for the jobs on our website.

How do I join Admin Avenues for free as a job seeker and member?

We have made a short and easy-to-follow video. Just click here to watch.

How do I use the Admin Avenues platform as a job seeker / candidate?

We have made a short and easy-to-follow video. Just click here to watch.

I haven’t heard back from a job that I have applied for:

We understand how frustrating this can be. We do encourage all employers and recruiters to respond to each and every application but this isn’t always possible. Recruiters and employers will always contact candidates where they believe there is a match for the job. If you think there may be a mistake, we suggest either emailing the person who posted the job or use the message/chat function.

I have forgotten my password or am having trouble logging in?

To reset your password, simply click here.

Once you have provided your registered email address, we’ll email you with instructions for resetting your admin avenues password.

How do I join the Admin Avenues Facebook Page?

Come and meet other Australian admin professionals in our Facebook community. Click here.

How do I stop receiving emails from Admin Avenues?

To stop receiving emails from Admin Avenues, scroll to the bottom of the email and click the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link. If you continue to receive emails from Admin Avenues, it’s likely because you’ve registered with more than one email address, so you will need to click the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link again in that email as well. 

We of course allow you to opt-out of marketing and promotional emails but there may be some emails in relation to your account that you cannot unsubscribe from. For any further queries on this, please email us at [email protected]

Can I have different resumes for different jobs?

Yes! You can have create multiple resumes on the Admin Avenues platform. Go to  the top right of the homepage and click on your Dashboard, on the left under Candidate, you’ll see ADD RESUME. Click here and create a new resume. You will also see MANAGE RESUMES as a option. This is where you can manage your resumes.

How do I find a list of the job I’ve applied for?

Go to  the top right of the homepage and click on your Dashboard, on the left under Candidate, you’ll see MY APPLICATIONS. This is where you can view all the jobs you have applied for.

I’ve seen a job advertised on Admin Avenues that I would like some more information about. How do I go about sourcing some more information on the role or the company advertising it?

Admin Avenues only holds the information that can be seen on the job advert. We are unable to pass on specific employer contact details but encourage you to use our “Message” feature on the job ad to contact the advertiser directly.

We hope the above answers have helped with your questions. If your answer is not listed here, contact us direct on [email protected].

We aim to answer all questions within 2 business days. If your matter is urgent, please call us on 1300 236 462.

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