5 Ways An Admin Can Use ChatGPT with Jessica McBride

Like most people, I was intrigued by this new ChatGPT technology but I am incredibly time poor, so was waiting for someone else to break it down for me so I could easily digest the tech. The lovely Jessica McBride from ‘ChatGPT for Executive Assistants‘ in Canada produced a comprehensive discovery document.

What I love about Jessica is her honesty. One of the headings on her website reads “I’m Not an Expert at Anything. I’m absolutely not. I’m a generalist. I spend a lot of time learning new skills and technologies just well enough so that they can make my life easier. It’s my goal to help others do the same thing.”

Jessica, you did exactly that. You made understanding ChatGPT much easier for me! This is also exactly how I feel when I am giving advice or writing a blog post. I am not an expert at anything but hey, if you can learn something from my stories or my experience, then awesome. We’re just out here trying to make the career of an admin professional that bit easier 🙂

Right, without further ado, please enjoy this guest blog from Jessica McBride. Please also give some love to our guest contributors. You can follow Jessica here.

Guest Blog Post by Jessica McBride:

As an admin professional, staying organised and efficient is key to ensuring your boss’s success. With the rise of AI technology, admins now have access to powerful tools like ChatGPT to help streamline their work and free up more time for other tasks. Here are five ways admins can utilise ChatGPT:

  1. Schedule Management: With ChatGPT, admins can quickly and easily check their boss’s schedule, set appointments, and manage their calendars without having to manually check for conflicting dates and times.
  2. Email Management: ChatGPT can assist with the tedious task of sorting and responding to emails. The AI can be trained to respond to common inquiries and delegate tasks, allowing the admin to focus on more pressing tasks.
  3. Data Entry: ChatGPT can also be trained to perform repetitive data entry tasks, freeing up time for the admin to focus on other important tasks.
  4. Research Assistance: ChatGPT can help with research tasks, such as finding information on a specific topic or searching for relevant articles and resources.
  5. Customer Service: ChatGPT can also be used to handle customer inquiries, answering common questions and resolving basic issues, freeing up the admin’s time to focus on more pressing tasks.

In conclusion, ChatGPT offers admins a wide range of possibilities to streamline their work and make their job easier. By using ChatGPT, admins can save time, improve their efficiency, and ultimately help their boss be more productive. Try it out today and see how it can transform your work.

I have put together some documents on how you can use this new technology in your day to day. To read these, click here.


How cool was that? If you’d like to hear more, Jessica offers the following services so please connect with her to book any of these offerings:

  • ChatGPT for Admin Professionals Workshop
  • Guided 1-Hour ChatGPT Session
  • Executive Assistant Consulting
  • Productivity Audit

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Has anyone else started using ChatGPT yet? I would love to learn more about how others are finding it useful. Please comment here or email us at [email protected].