Admin Excellence: Honouring the Vital Role of Admin Professionals in Business Success

Admin professionals are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. They are the backbone of any organisation, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. From remembering every detail to providing crucial information, coordinating events, and more, administrative professionals are the glue that holds it all together. They play a pivotal role in supporting your success within the company, and it’s only fair that they receive the recognition they deserve. 

Did you know that Admin Professionals make up a fifth of the world’s working population and are 98% female. That’s over 1 billion women worldwide.

For most of the world, Admin Professionals day is celebrated on the last full week of April on the Wednesday so this year, it’s on Wednesday 24th April.

In Australia, we celebrate Admin Professionals Day on the 1st Friday of May due to ANZAC day falling on the 25th April each year. This year it will be celebrated on Friday, 3rd May, 2024. It’s also when Admin Avenues celebrates its our birthday! We deliberately launched on Admin Professionals day in 2021 so we could share this special day with our Australian admin community as that’s where it all began. 

We have put together some helpful and meaningful ways to show your appreciation to your company’s admin professionals for their hard work and dedication.

Celebrate Continuously – Not Just On The Day

Rather than limiting your appreciation to Administrative Professionals Day with low-key acknowledgments, how about elevating the recognition of admin staff throughout the month or even year. Celebrate them as the skilled professionals they truly are, acknowledging their hard work, deserved achievements, and earned positions.

Embrace their contributions with the same enthusiasm they show for us, sharing their pride and support openly, throughout the year, not just on a “hallmark” day.

  • Move beyond traditional gestures like flowers, cupcakes, chocolates, or thank-you emails. Instead, introduce the Global Skills Matrix, assign job titles that reflect the level at which the admins operate, and the value they bring organisations. Seek out opportunities for their career growth and development, invest in their careers, and pave paths for their advancement.
  • Support their nominations for industry-specific awards, or encourage them to put forward their own nominations.
  • Offer them a genuine place at the decision-making table, allowing them to contribute as equals.
  • When introducing them, don’t refer to them as just your assistant. Highlight that they are strategic leaders collaborating closely with you.

Take the lead and strive towards a more inclusive and equitable future for the admin profession, offering the same opportunities for promotion, appropriate titles, and expectations of growth and progress that others enjoy.

Review Their Compensation

It’s crucial to underscore the significance of fair and competitive compensation for administrative professionals. These dedicated individuals play an integral role in the success of businesses, providing invaluable support and expertise. Recognising their contributions goes beyond tokens of appreciation; it includes ensuring they are compensated adequately for their hard work and the diverse range of responsibilities they shoulder. Paying admin professionals well not only reflects a company’s commitment to equity but also attracts and retains top talent. Today is the day to acknowledge their worth, and part of that acknowledgment includes fair and equitable compensation.

Invest In Their Professional Development 

Encourage their professional growth by offering to cover the cost of a membership, training or events of their choice. Empower them to select groups. courses, seminars, or events that align with their interests and career aspirations. Remember Richard Branson’s words, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” By investing in their development, you demonstrate your commitment to their growth and well-being.

The Gift Of Time

Gift your admin professional the gift of time. While it might be challenging to imagine a few hours without their support, it’s a meaningful way to show your gratitude. If possible, let them choose a day that suits both of your schedules. To make it even more special, offer a thoughtful gift, such as vouchers or movie tickets, so they can fully enjoy their time off and switch off from work mode.

Public Recognition 

Take a moment to publicly acknowledge their contributions on your company’s intranet, website, or social media platforms. A shout-out on LinkedIn or a post on your company’s Instagram account can go a long way in reinforcing their value to the organisation. Recognising their achievements will not only boost their morale but also inspire others.

This Admin Professionals Day, be the executive and organisation that drives positive change for these invaluable team members, dedicating their careers to your and your organisation’s success. If this feels overwhelming, start with familiarising yourself with the Global Skills Matrix. Experts like Lucy Brazier OBE and Helen Monument are ready to guide you through it and answer any questions. Let’s start the conversation.