How to Ask For More Responsibilities vs. More To-Do Lists

As a career admin professional, you are often the first to know what needs to be done in the office and have exceptional attention to detail. However, you may find yourself stuck with basic tasks and wanting to take on more responsibility. If you’re ready for a challenge, here are some tips on how to discuss taking on more challenging tasks at work:

Learn Everything You Can: 

Pay attention and actively learn in the workplace. This will help you to keep a pulse on the work that is available so that you can make a more specific request.

Take Detailed Notes: 

Taking detailed notes can bridge the gap between your executives knowledge base and the available information. It shows your awareness and commitment, making you a top choice when opportunities arise.

Go Above and Beyond With Assigned Tasks: 

Give your all to what you do, even the simplest of tasks. It shows your eagerness to perform and commitment to success.

Look for Project Opportunities: 

Use your role as an admin professional to determine what is going on and what efforts might make a project run more smoothly. Recognise active innovation within current practices and keep a log of these opportunities.

Heat Map Employee Efforts:

Identify areas where employees are being swamped and ask your boss for a chance to offer your assistance. It shows your leadership instincts and knowledge of the workplace.

Select an Area Of Interest:

Pick out certain areas of interest that you would like to focus on and make a more specific request from your executive when you’re having this discussion.

Be Prepared: 

Prepare your request like a pitch. Know what you want to do, what you hope to gain, and why you think you are ready for this step. Lean on the knowledge that you have gained from the previous steps and make your executive an offer that they cannot refuse.

As an admin professional, you are in the perfect position to find opportunities in the workplace. Show your executive that you are ready to rise to new challenges and make a clear request that highlights why this transition will be beneficial for you and the company. Instead of telling your executive that you want more challenging work, show them that you are ready for more.