How To Make The Most Of Networking Events

In the bustling world of admin professionals, networking holds the key to unlock doors to myriad opportunities and valuable connections. A networking event isn’t just a social gathering but a fertile ground where seeds of professional relationships are sown and cultivated. But how does one get the best out of such events?

Here are some tips for networking success:

Preparation is Key

Before attending an event, research about attendees, companies, and the industry to strategise your interactions effectively.

Strategise Your Approach:

Don’t dash straight towards key influencers. Engage with various attendees to build up your confidence and networking momentum.

First Impressions Count

They say you have about 7 seconds to make a memorable impression. Ensure to smile, exhibit enthusiasm, and engagement.

Maintain Records

Keep business cards and jot down points from discussions to aid in following up effectively. If you’re not into paper, connect via QR codes and LinkedIn and jot some notes in your ‘Notes App’ on your phone.

Forge Your Path

It might be tempting to stick with a buddy, but networking solo could yield richer interactions. There will always be other admins who have turned up to an event solo. Be that person that when you see one, go and say hello. You never know who you’re going to connect with. 

Networking: Beyond Socialising

Networking isn’t just about socialising; it’s a crucial mechanism in job-seeking and career development. Nurturing a network assists not just in your career advancement but can also be a two-way street where assistance and opportunities are mutual. 

The Confidence Factor

Portraying confidence while maintaining genuine interactions is essential. Be charismatic but humble, seek advice, and display your capabilities subtly, use your active listening skills to hear what others are trying to say. 

Consistent Communication

Ensure to keep in touch with the connections you’ve made. A polite email or message on LinkedIn can keep the relationship warm and beneficial.

Social Media and Online Presence

Ensure your online profiles, especially platforms like LinkedIn, are polished and up-to-date. This assists not just in maintaining existing connections but also in creating new ones. 

The Reciprocity Principle

Remember, networking is not just about taking – it’s about giving too. Be willing to assist others, introduce them to your connections, and the favours are likely to be returned.

In the professional realm, particularly for admin professionals, “It’s not only what you know, but also who you know” resonates with significant truth. Effective networking is about building and sustaining professional relationships that can mutually navigate career paths towards growth and success.

Networking not only equips you with potential opportunities but also enriches you with insights and experiences shared by others in the field. Therefore, approach each event as a chance to learn, share, and contribute, remembering that every connection made is a step towards sculpting a professional network.

As always, we love to hear and share your experiences and tips with the Admin Avenues community so feel free to share your advice.