Is Admin The Right Career For You?

At Admin Avenues, we understand the evolving significance of the role of an admin professional in a world where work and life seamlessly blend. Yet, like any career path, becoming an admin professional requires careful consideration and a thorough understanding of the role. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this career choice to determine whether it aligns with your aspirations.

Challenging Stereotypes: Redefining the Role of an Admin Professional

The portrayal of admin professionals in popular culture often perpetuates outdated stereotypes, portraying them as mere coffee-fetchers and phone-answering professionals. Such depictions undermine the true breadth and significance of roles such as an executive assistant’s responsibilities. It’s imperative to dispel these misconceptions and recognise the substantial evolution of this role.

Valuing and Recognising Admin Professionals

Admin professionals worldwide face challenges related to their perception and the recognition they receive for their vital contributions. Lingering stereotypes result in lower salaries and limited acknowledgment, both internally within organisations and externally.

However, the reality of being an admin professional is vastly different. The role demands a unique skill set, including high emotional intelligence (EQ), technological proficiency, and a robust network. While the profession is predominantly female, there is a career here for men too. Admin professionals make an invaluable impact on companies that cannot be understated. Shedding light on their work is essential to grant them the respect and appreciation they deserve.

The Evolving Role of an Admin Professional in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has brought about substantial changes in the workplace and, consequently, in the role of an admin professionals. Remote work and online collaboration have expanded the responsibilities of admin professionals, requiring them to facilitate virtual meetings, manage intricate schedules across time zones, and apply their organisational skills to project management and event planning.

Top admin professionals possess qualities such as exceptional problem-solving abilities, data analysis, strategy skills, and the capacity to anticipate and fulfill their executives’ needs in the business. They serve as knowledge hubs within their organisations, playing a pivotal role in maintaining cohesion and efficiency.

Pros of Pursuing a Career as an Admin Professional

High Demand

Unlike many professions, most admin professional roles do not necessarily require a college/university degree. Post-pandemic, there is a heightened demand for skilled admin professionals, leading to more opportunities and competitive salaries. Practical experience and current technological skills are often valued more than a degree.

Seat at the Table

Admin professionals enjoy a unique position, providing direct access to decision-makers within a company. Their strategic partnership with leaders positions them as respected members of the executive team, where their opinions and insights are valued and sought after.

Development of Leadership Skills and Opportunities

Admin professionals often find themselves in positions where they can flex their leadership muscles and exert influence within their organisations. Trust and access to executives’ email inboxes offer opportunities for growth and learning.

Competitive Salaries and Perks

Salaries vary based on experience, location, and responsibilities. Some receive bonuses, stock options, comprehensive benefits, professional development opportunities, flexible work arrangements, and overtime pay. There is potential for various perks and benefits that can significantly enhance your overall compensation package. Just be brave and ask for what you want. You can make informed decisions to maximise both your financial well-being and job satisfaction in this dynamic and rewarding field.

Strong Connection with Executives 

Working closely with executives allows admin professionals to develop a personal connection with their leaders. They become trusted partners, supporting executives in various capacities and helping them navigate their work life.

Cons of Pursuing a Career as an Executive Assistant

Long Hours and Demanding Workload

The workload can be overwhelming. Depending on the role, there can be  demands for 24/7 availability and responsiveness, leading to a high-stress environment.

Limited Opportunities for Advancement

Advancement within the profession can be limited, with few defined career paths or mentorship programs. Your organisation isn’t going to do this work for you. You may have to go out and find these opportunities for advancement yourself and present them to your company for a discussion. We have some incredible resources on Admin Avenues to help you find a coach, mentor or training for your career advancement. 

Lack of Control over Schedule and Activities

Admin professionals usually need to adapt to their executives’ unpredictable schedules.

Stereotyped Perceptions

Some people still hold onto old-school stereotypes (like a secretary), which can make the job feel undervalued and unrecognised.

Challenging Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be difficult due to long hours and high demands of some roles. 


Choosing a career as an admin professional requires thoughtful consideration. Despite outdated stereotypes, admins play pivotal roles in organisations, offering diverse skill sets and contributing to various aspects of business operations. With the increasing demand for skilled admin professionals, this profession offers numerous opportunities for growth, development, and personal fulfilment.

If you possess the required skills, and a desire for professional excellence, a career as an admin professional may be the perfect fit for you. 

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