Why I Created Admin Avenues

Hi! I’m Candice Burningham and I’m the Founder of Admin Avenues. Like you, I’m an Australian admin professional. I’ve been supporting executives for over 20 years.

I was living my best life in London until Covid hit. Like all Australians locked out of the country, I was desperate to come home. I managed to get a flight in August 2021 and completed my 2-week quarantine hotel stay. During these very long 2 weeks, I had plenty of time on my hands so I started looking for admin jobs. I found that I had to jump from website to website to find jobs. When I was living and working in Australia years before two main websites dominated the admin jobs space and now even they weren’t showing all the jobs. I could see an opportunity in the market for a place where Australian admin job seekers could find great roles and where employers and recruiters could find qualified admin candidates – so I built what I was looking for and this is how Admin Avenues came to be!

Admin roles are hugely important. They are the oil that keeps organisations running smoothly. Without the right person, everything falls apart. The big online jobs platforms are very expensive and don’t have the specialised expertise needed to successfully connect the right candidate with the right employer. Admin Avenues is different from other jobs portals in that we are focused on a specific niche in the market which is only admin roles.

As the Founder, I am passionate about supporting the Australian administration community. I want to impart my knowledge, network and experience to raise up the next generation of administration professionals. I want them to know that being an admin professional IS a career. It’s not a stepping stone. There is real power and money in these roles. It’s a career that can take you around the world. It’s a niche skill that organisations in every country need in order to succeed.

So, I implore you to join as one of our founding members, connect with other admins and of course – find your next dream job! I always love hearing from the community so please feel free to drop me an email any time on [email protected], add me on LinkedIn or come and join us on our social platforms @adminavenues. I look forward to connecting with you all soon.

Best wishes,