How To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

So, you’ve got an interview lined up? First off, high five!

But if it’s been ages since you last sat across that interview table, it’s totally okay to feel a few butterflies.

Even though we’ve swapped some of those conference rooms for Zoom calls, the heart of the interview hasn’t changed much. It’s all about showcasing how fabulous you are and finding a place where you’ll shine!

Breathe, You’ve Got This!

We all get those pre-interview jitters. Just remember, if your resume/CV got their attention, they’re already interested in you. Those first few moments might be nerve-wracking, but once you start chatting, you’ll settle right in. Remember, they are just as committed to finding the right person as you are to finding your right next role.

Do Your Homework

Spend some time researching what the company is all about. Drop in tidbits like, “I read on your company’s LinkedIn page that you’re branching out to Indonesia“. This shows you took some time to do some research on the company.

Become A Story-Teller

Chances are, your interviewers might ask about any sticky situations or challenges you’ve faced in your career to date. Have a couple of example stories prepped where you saved the day. Practice telling these stories before your interview so you’re comfortable telling them as a story, not a boring example.

It’s A Two-Way Interview

While the company is getting to know you, you’re also scoping them out. Think about what you want in your next role and ask questions to ensure they match these values you’re looking for. They want to be asked questions. This not only shows your interest but your commitment to finding the right role that you want to stay in for years to come.

Sometimes Less Is More

It’s great to share, but sometimes less is more. If you see them nodding along, dive deeper. Otherwise, give them the highlights – there’s always time for details later. You don’t want to be seen as taking over the interview or over explaining each example or question. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re nervous so if you do, make light of it and say “well, that was the long-winded version of events” and have a laugh, just be mindful for the rest of the interview.

Break the Mould

When being asked those standard interview questions, think outside the box. Instead of the usual “I’m super organised” (because, of course, you are – you’re a superstar admin), maybe give some examples of  how you’re the go-to person for “x” or you took the initiative to build an admin community in your last organisation for better insight of what was going on throughout the whole business.

Remember, You’re Awesome!

Admin professionals are the unsung heroes of the business world. With your blend of talents and that sprinkle of prep, you’re set to wow them. Sending all the positive vibes for your interview – you got this!