Recruiter Spotlight | Bailey Williams of Metier Recriutment

Name: Bailey Williams 

Job Title: General Manager

Company: Metier Recruitment

Admin Avenues: Thank you for taking the time to chat with our admin community through the ‘Recruiter Spotlight’ forum.

Bailey Williams: Thanks for having me.

AA: How long have you worked in recruitment?

BW: I’ve worked in recruitment for almost 15 years.

AA: Why do you care so much about your candidate’s journey in finding a role that is right for them?

BW: I think the care factor comes from the relationship you build with candidates. When you work with clients and candidates for certain lengths of time, you just know when it’s the right fit. I could never forgive myself for orchestrating a ‘marriage’ so to speak, that was doomed from the beginning.

AA: Tell us more about Metier Recruitment’s approach to admin candidates.

BW: The secret to our approach is my recruiters. You have to work with people who have similar mindsets, a certain je ne sais quoi if you will. We don’t beat around the bush, we give honest advice to our candidates. Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but if you can push past those barriers, my team and I really know how to help candidates achieve their goals. As you know Candice, I’m always happy to help in any way I can. There’s nothing too much in my book, and I think that’s the difference in our approach; it’s that we strive to see each candidate that comes to us succeed, find jobs they are passionate about and have them return to us when they are ready for their next career adventure.

AA: What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect of your job?

BW: Oh easily seeing the synergy between candidates and our clients. I’ve seen some phenomenal results and have watched careers thrive – you can’t beat that feeling. When clients and candidates find themselves as perfect fit, we are proud; knowing we have provided exactly what they were needing and hoping for, it’s what we at Metier pride ourselves in.

AA: What’s your recruiter signature skill? 

BW: What I have learned over the last 5 years, is that ‘the stronger the relationship with my clients, the more opportunity I can create for admins’. I can’t count how many times there are opportunities that are amazing, but an admin might not have the EXACT skills on paper. I’d like to say I’m really good at creating trust and rapport with clients. My words hold weight. I have a proven track record with them which opens avenues where I can say ‘I have this amazing candidate, they are a wildcard, but they are the right fit for your business’

AA: What are 3 items you can’t work without?


  1. My mobile – I am ALWAYS on the phone, no exaggeration I think I spend at least 6 hours each day on calls
  2. Water – I drink about 3-4 litres of water a day, it’s one of my non-negotiables
  3. A notepad – I’m very old school, I have a notepad for everything. I even have every notepad I’ve used filed by month and year in a cabinet.

AA: What do you consider to be the most difficult part of your job?

BW: The hardest part is losing a candidate during interviewing/offer stage due to a client taking too much time. Especially when you know it’s the perfect career step.

AA: Can you recommend any helpful books, programs, or podcasts that you love?

BW: My wider organisation developed a program based on a book called ‘good to great’ by Jim Collins. For anyone that has the ambition to be successful in whatever they do – this book is a must. The main purpose of this book/course is to understand the difference between working towards good and great goals. How to differentiate between good and great decisions, how to be a good or great leader. For those lucky enough to be in Adelaide, you are welcome to contact me and I can organise to facilitate them in the program for free.

AA: Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

BW: My tips may be a little controversial these days. But, be the person that is happy to do something ‘not in your job description’ – it used to be common to do what is needed to be done. Once you become known as someone who does it all, it’s quite a powerful place to be. Don’t be a cookie cutter, fit in a box type of person. As you extend yourself in other areas outside of your job description, it doesn’t just come of benefit to the 3rd party, but it builds your capacity, your endurance, compassion for others and workplace experience. You would be surprised to know that the people at the top don’t run down one straight line, they juggle many things.

AA: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

BW: There’s something that I live by that my beautiful mother passed on to me. “It’s none of your business what other people think or say about you” – it’s quite humbling. It means to lose the ego, carry on your own path, you don’t need to look left or right. Comparison is the thief of joy.

AA: Off topic, you’re also the Director of Elite Natural Physique, a fitness and wellness company that offers coaching and training programs. You’re clearly passionate about helping people achieve their personal and professional goals

BW: Elite Natural physique is a body building federation. It’s something I fell in while volunteering for a show. I have a background in dancing and deportment so it came naturally. I work every Saturday with bodybuilding athletes on posing, and stage performance. It’s not just a passion but an art, people present their hard work and training through the display of their artwork.

AA: Facinating! OK back to admin, what advice would you give potential admin job seekers thinking about changing jobs?

BW: If you are not fulfilled and or being challenged in the job you are in, I encourage you to find a job that drives your skills. Not specific to money or the corporate ladder, but to find your fit. Recruiters exist to help pair candidates and clients with likeminded people. We are here to help you find the job you are looking for.

AA: What are your top tips for keeping your resume up to date and job-ready?

BW: Don’t write the generic skills that every other person will write, be specific to the position you are applying, show us why you are good. Be concise, accurate grammar, and have the information that relates to the job role at the top of your resume, do not leave it last. There is a lot of AI technology to help write your CV. It is a great tool to get yourself noticed initially. Once you land an interview, then it’s time for you to show who you are.

AA: How can our community connect with you? 

BW: You can connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or via our website. Our wonderful team are pro-active and are quick to reply. At Metier we are passionate about people and ensuring we set both candidates and clients up to succeed.