The advantages of using a specialist admin recruitment agency

I am contacted every day about admin job opportunities. It’s what Admin Avenues is here for, to help job seekers become aware of the breadth of administrative opportunities available in Australia.

Whilst I am always open to offering my assistance or advice, I don’t pretend to know it all when it comes to recruitment. I’ve never worked in recruitment. But I have worked with recruiters throughout my admin career. That’s why I advise companies to partner with specialist admin recruiters. Here are some of the advantages you can expect if you seek expert advice and services from admin specialist recruitment agencies.

High-quality candidates

Using an admin specialist recruitment agency increases your ability to meet with high-quality, vetted, candidates with the relevant skill and expertise in your industry. They have access to a large talent pool of pre-screened and referenced candidates. This means that you will only meet with admin candidates who have already been carefully assessed and interviewed saving you time and effort.

Specialist admin recruitment knowledge

As your business grows and changes, your in-house recruiters may need to conduct complex interviews for a range of positions they are not necessarily familiar with. Admin recruitment agencies have staff that specialises in recruiting dedicated to one industry – Office Support. 

Faster hiring

Using a recruitment agency will shorten the time it takes to fill your open positions. They can find candidates much faster than you can and do all the checks listed above.

Extended reach

Not all the best candidates are actively looking for a new job. Recruitment agencies often have candidates on their books that are referred to as ‘passive talent’, and they take a little longer to find. There is a strong possibility that specialist admin recruiters know who those people are, how to contact them, and more importantly, know how to incentivise them to make a move – another benefit to working with a recruitment agency.

Knowledge of the market

Through their conversations with both clients and candidates, the best recruiters gain vital insider knowledge about the sector they work in. They are often able to provide you with valuable insight and sage advice. This is a crucial part of their job. When you use a recruitment agency, you gain access to that knowledge of salary rates, available skill sets, career development expectations and even admin market insights and trends, which you may otherwise have never known about.

Their focus is on getting the right match for you 

Most of the work recruiters do happens before any potential compensation comes from the client. If no candidate is hired, no fees are charged for the work done. If the agency cannot assist your business successfully, then there is nothing to pay. This ensures their services, resources, and expertise focus on providing you with the best possible admin candidates to support your business growth plans – and those whose dream job is working for your company.

This is literally what they do!

The most significant advantage of working with a specialist admin recruitment agency is…this is what they do. They write compelling job adverts to maximise the number of admin jobseekers who apply. They quickly and effectively screen applicants to find the strongest candidates early in the hiring process. But most importantly, they work day in and day out to meet your hiring needs. Their main goal is to find you top-tier admin talent whose dream job is to work for your business.

At Admin Avenues, we work closely with admin specialist recruitment firms from all over Australia. Feel free to contact us to discuss agencies we recommend in your area.